[Tagging] Fuel, additional tags

Malcolm Herring malcolm.herring at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 13 12:42:52 GMT 2012

On 12/11/2012 16:55, Janko Mihelić wrote:
> First, I think we have no tags for a fuel station that boats can use.
> Taginfo says we have a tag harbour:fuel:diesel used 66 times, but it
> doesn't look quite right to me. This tag is maybe used to tag a harbour
> that has a fuel station.
> We have just one tag fuel:marine=yes which looks right to me. Can we put
> that one in the wiki?

Janko, as to your first question, a suitable tag is that used by OpenSeaMap:


This tag is applied to a node at the actual location of the fuel 
station, rather than the harbour:fuel:diesel tag, which merely lists a 
facility within a harbour area, but does not indicate the location of 
the fuel station.

See: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenSeaMap/Small_Craft_Facilities

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