[Tagging] [Feedback call] Waterway mooring places

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 23:25:24 GMT 2012

2012/11/13 Yohan Boniface <yohanboniface at free.fr>:
> ** Proposal **
> Principles:
> 1. stop namespacing when not needed (harbour:ship:maxdraft => maxdraft)


> Basically, namespaces should be used only to prevent name clashes. So for
> example "name:it" makes sense because we cannot have many "name" key, while
> we can have to deal with many names; in the other hand, maxdraft for a
> harbour node can apply only to boats;
> * seasonal mooring places should be tagged also with "seasonal=yes"
> * "leisure=marina" can be used for the whole area when it makes sense, but
> avoiding using it as descriptive node

+1, in general better use areas instead of nodes if the object is not
a mere point (say less than 1 square meter), especially when it comes
to larger objects like marinas, harbours or mooring places.


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