[Tagging] Money transfer agents

Jaakko Helleranta.com jaakko at helleranta.com
Mon Nov 19 15:41:33 GMT 2012

Sounds good -- if there would be a general financial services main tag like
amenity=financial_services (when it's not part of another amenity). Is such
used already?

Btw. I _think_ it should be withdraw_al_ (with the *al ending).

On Nov 19, 2012 10:02 AM, "Eric SIBERT" <courrier at eric.sibert.fr> wrote:

> There's a proposal in the  wiki that money transfer agents such as
>> Western Union should be tagged as amenity=money_transfer.
>> I don't like this tag because of the over use of amenity key.
> +1.
>  Many of the money transfer agents are banks or bureau de change, which
>> are amenities.
> Yes, in France, they are always part of an other shop/bank...
> In Madagascar, they are not only part of some banks put they also have
> stand alone offices.
> Eric
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