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A GPS addicts group has encoded a file of over 1000 30 km/h speed limits.
Their leader has just discovered OSM, ITO Map, etc...
He's promoting security much and would like his data into OSM.
I wrote on talk-be that this was doing it the other way round.
A speed limit has two ends and his POIs are nodes.
They should have been encoded into OSM first and then extracted.
If only the world knew that OSM exists :-(

I have converted their file to a .osm file.
I can transfer the nodes to another layer and apply a JOSM preset.
That's quite fast but 1000 is much!
But I can split the .osm file to share the work.

Well, do you think it would be useful to add those POIs and how?

  * as a side node with
      o maxspeed=30
      o fixme=determine start/end and transfer these tags to the way
      o source=http://...
  * as a real limit on a sort distance, wrong but with a fixme?
    most often it's about the same distance astride a school access
    this could be visible on maps, but make believe the mapping is done
  * as a just a note on the way:
      o fixme=please tag the 30 km/h speed limit here
        much time spent for little result
  * another idea?

A side node risks to be unnoticed and even left behind after really 
mapping the limit.
Mapping the wrong distance means risking not to notice fixme and later 

Well, what's your advice?



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