[Tagging] Proposal: expanded address tags for US

Paul Johnson baloo at ursamundi.org
Wed Nov 21 03:28:18 GMT 2012

On Tuesday, November 20, 2012, David ``Smith'' wrote:

> Also, the street name in addresses doesn't always match the name of the
> street.  For example, there are houses on Old Walker Road which retain
> Walker Rd addresses.  And the name Lilly Chapel Opossum Run Road is so
> long, the local post office recognizes addresses like 4600 Lilly Chapel
> Opossum Rd.  (Yes, they shortened it by dropping the shortest word. Go
> figure.)  Furthermore, I think addr:street should be written using the
> abbreviation the USPS prefers, which probably isn't the same as the
> unabbreviated street name, and might not be the same as the abbreviation
> used on street signs.
Seems to be a recurring theme.  Most extreme example that comes to mind is
along OK 66.  Addresses on a section named "Officer Larry W. Cantrell and
Mister Charles L. Cantrell Memorial Highway" get addresses on "New Sapulpa
Road."  If that's not the longest street name in Oklahoma, it's gotta be
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