[Tagging] Clean-up the seamark landmark tags on the wiki (and perhaps later in the db)

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Nov 23 10:48:57 GMT 2012


On 11/23/2012 11:24 AM, Pieren wrote:
> As I said, a simple landmark tag is enough. It does not need to
> specifiy again it is a cemetery when we can combine it with already
> existing OSM tags (like the "landuse=cemetery"). The tag can be
> "seamark = landmark" or "seamark:type=landmark", I don't care. But
> only one single key/value pair providing this information is enough.

True - a cemetery is a cemetery and whether or not cemeteries are used 
as landmarks by seamen doesn't change that.

It is inconceivable to have something tagged "landuse=cemetery" and 

Furthermore, is "landmark" really something that can be sensibly limited 
to the scope of naval tagging? Can there be something that is a landmark 
for navigation on water but not a landmark for other purposes, and vice 

Will OpenSeaMap soon start adding "seamark:type=shop", 
"seamark:shop=convenience" to existing "shop=convenience" objects if 
these shops can be used by sailors?

I have a suspicion that this duplication of tags is largely the result 
of OpenSeaMap trying to opt out of the rest of the community - "if we 
use our own namespace then we don't have to discuss with those 
landlubbers". We have bothered much about that as long as OpenSeaMap 
tagged offshore stuff but I think we cannot tolerate this on the 30% of 
the world surface that have 99.9% of the data ;)


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