[Tagging] Stop sign?

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Fri Nov 23 20:35:14 GMT 2012

On 11/23/12 3:13 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:
> North America is starting to see this more, too. There's noticeably 
> greater number of roundabouts and posted all-way yields in recent 
> years. Mini roundabouts are so rare they're not mentioned in the laws 
> anywhere stateside from what I can tell
there's been a pretty significant move to roundabouts in NY in recent 
years; many
difficult intersections (mostly ones with traffic lights and rush hour 
congestion problems)
have been converted to roundabouts.

stop signs still remain prevalent at low traffic rural intersections and 
in residential
neighborhoods, though. i don't think that will change.


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