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As I am against always changing the subject line of discussions, I 
resent with the original one.

But it's also to add that, in my opinion, the tagging must respect the 
categories that the national law defines (our code de la route).  There 
is no point in trying to forcefully adapt foreign concepts if they do 
not match.
I don't think there's a concept of built-up area in the Belgian law and 
I don't think there's a difference in the definition of an agglomération 
whether it resides in a city or in a village (even if rural sounds like 
village, this is not poetry).
This all, obviously, doesn't prevent a specific tag like a lower speed 
limit overriding the global one.

(On 2012-11-26 18:21, A.Pirard.Papou wrote :)

On 2012-11-23 22:58, Kytömaa Lauri wrote :
> If it's just the traffic rules urban vs. rural, there's the tag (with 37 000+ uses)
> zone:traffic=**:rural
> zone:traffic=**:urban
> where ** is the two letter country code.
On 2012-11-26 13:16, Marc Gemis wrote :
> <country_code>:<context> (where the speed limit is defined by a 
> particular context, for example urban/rural/motorway/etc.)

On 2012-11-26 16:41, Jo wrote :
> One week ago I had never heard of the zone:traffic tags. I didn't have 
> a clue how one could tag streets as part of built-up area/city limits 
> or out of it. For many years this is something I have been wanting to 
> do though. So I was glad I finally learned how it could/should be done 
> in one of the many discussions started by Papou.
> zone30 are mostly within built-up area, zone50 and zone70 aren't. I 
> think it's important to distinguish between zoneXX and built-up area 
> as they occur mostly independent from each other, so the namespaces 
> also ought to be independent.
> We could use source:maxspeed=BE:zone30 instead of 
> source:maxspeed=zone30, but since a street already gets 
> zone:traffic=BE:urban/rural, the BE seems less important in the 
> source:maxspeed tags.

Great finding From Lauri indeed !!!

But regarding this, where is the complete zone:traffic=BE:*  list? (just 
one example)
In Belgium, we have more than urban/rural/motorway/etc. 

route pour automobile=*?*
zone résidentielle=*?*
zone de rencontre=*?*
zone piétonne=*?*
chemin réservé à la circulation des piétons, cyclistes et cavaliers=*?*
rue réservée aux jeux=*?*
Abords d'école= Zone 30=*?*
Rue cyclable=*?*

Each with their regulations details.

I was lately "sent" to map an alleged Zone30 area and there was no Zone 
30 but a /*zone résidentielle*/ which is equivalent maxspeed-wise but 
not other-wise (other-regulations-wise).

If we had a tag such as *INCLUDE:BE:...:urban* etc. with which the 
programs would fetch all the relevant tags like *maxspeed* per zone type 
from a well known per country or WW (world wide) database object (1) 
then we would have a clear list and we could tell the government that 
they can change details any time without sending us to work everywhere.

How could otherwise programs that are supposed to use the OSM data make 
sense of a such ever changing global notions without breaking them down 
to well-defined concepts such as speed, bicycles,  etc...

That would please both the global view and the piecewise one.

Wouldn't that stop the zonebabel?



(1) for example some well-known BE relation that would contain a 
role=*zones* or *traffic* member to a relation that would similarly 
contain rural, urban, etc. pointers to nodes that would contain the tags

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