[Tagging] How to solve the problem with relation overload?

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This was exactly what I was about to comment.
I'd add that things might look relatively ok in areas where the map data is pretty complete -- but it totally tanks in areas where it's not. I didn't come to think of the access-/practicability-related, which make it even more complicated.

As per the notion of "intersection nodes are quite stable in OSM".
Again, might b true for intersection nodes but it's the additions of "shortcuts" that makes it especially complicated, I think.


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Am 30.11.2012 15:11, schrieb Pieren:
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>> Eg.:
>>      ___D___
>>     /       \
>>     |       |
>> ---A---C---B----
Think about there is only -A-D-B- , where A and B are a node in such a 
relation. Everything is fine.
Now someone adds a way A-C-B. This mapper have to do several things now: 
Check, if he make a way of a relation more directer as it was before.
Problem1: Find all affected relation.
Problem2: If he adds a footway, he can skip bus-relations, but what to 
do if access is unclear?
Problem3: Editing the route will end in a try'n'error: Does josm 
"routes" correct if I add this node?
Problem4: No mapper will know about to do these checks, because it was 
never ever a problem adding a simple way or changing highway=* or access

Same if a mapper changes the access of any way. Maybe its easy in 
Cities, if necessary nodes are pretty close. But in rural areas it could 
happen that you edit/add a way somewhere and you destroy a relation 
which has one node 1km left of your mappnig area and the next one 5km in 
the right. This isn't really practicable.


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