[Tagging] how to tag: water enclosure beneath fountains

Ronnie Soak chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 1 13:33:24 BST 2012


recently someone mapped a lot of fountains here, so tried to find out
how they should be tagged. But I failed.
I found both natural=water or landuse=basin to be in use for those
features, but both have their flaws.


- wiki page doesn't specify, but details, examples and name imply the
use for a natural feature
- but it is used for all kinds of water features, man made or natural
(more of a landcover-like tag)
- not able to get specific usage figures from taginfo due to variety of uses.


- wiki page doesn't specify, but key and sub-types seem to fit for
large stormwater/rainwater installations only
- not that much in use according to taginfo

Do you know any other tag fitting small scale, urban, man made
enclosures of water (possibly fed by a fountain or well)?
I can see this equally well in the amenity= or man_made= namespace.
Or just keeping it with amenity=fountain mapped as an area? Or tag both?


Best regards,


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