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2012/10/4 A.Pirard.Papou <A.Pirard.Papou at gmail.com>

> Q1: which naming of border line piece do you consider valid and which do
> you prefer?
> Q1a: Municipality1 — Municipality2?
> Q1b: Highest-level1 — Highest-level2 (Europe — Asia)
> Q1c: Municipality1 — Municipality2 (Highest-level1 — Highest-level2) ?
> Q1d: nothing
> Q1e: you're inventive...

Q1e. I would have said Q1a, but how do you choose which municipality goes
first? Rather than that, I think the only appropriate solution would be
name:left=Municipality1, name:right=Municipality2.
Either this, or Q1d: nothing.

> Q2: do you see any use for that apparently useless number? Could it be
> omitted?

I think it should be omitted. A border is a border; what it separates is
defined at a higher level. Therefore, also the importance of what it
separates is not a property of the border.

Suppose you were dropped by magic in the middle of a plain, and you don't
know where you are. You start walking in one direction and you stumble into
a line with barbed wire and a wall. You know it's a border. You have no
idea whether it separates Balzola from Villanova or Europe from Asia.

Q3a: can boundary recursion be made?
Q3b: else, would you like it to be done?

It can be technically done, but I don't see it useful. Europe is the union
of its countries, each of which is the union of its regions, each of
which... and so on. BUT, the *border* of Europe is an assembly of linear
elements, just like any other borders; it's not the union of several
borders, it actually takes a segment of a border and a segment of another.

> Q3c: do you prefer eggs or chicken?

As much as I like the albumen of the egg, I can't deny that the breast of
the chicken is soft and yummy. Having lived in a small city for all my
life, this is pretty much all the interaction I had with eggs and chickens.


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