[Tagging] Standard for external links to location based services

Tobias Knerr osm at tobias-knerr.de
Fri Oct 12 12:13:47 BST 2012

On 11.10.2012 20:52, Alexander wrote:
> I am trying to establish a standard for external links to various
> platforms (including but not only facbook, qype, foursquare etc.)
> I wouldn't like to limit the tagging to these dominating platforms. New
> players should be threaten equally. Maybe this could encourage future
> services to use (and contribute to) the OSM.

New players should indeed be treated the same as dominating platforms
(see Flickr): If they want OSM integration, they should link to OSM, not
the other way around. This lets us avoid a lot of problems where e.g.
the startup of the week floods OSM with links to their trendy service
and insists on "equal treatment". There are hundreds of review sites
alone, I don't see how we can reasonably include them all.

So imo we should link the official website and leave it at that. If some
business uses a Facebook page or something similar as their primary
online presence and has no actual website, then you could put that into
url - no need to use a suffix, the domain can already be used to
identify it as a Facebook page.

> And as we have no idea what the upcoming services will be called I
> recommend to prefix them with something like:
> url:[service_name]

If we did catalogue multiple external links, this would probably be the
best key. But I prefer to avoid external links to proprietary services
entirely, mostly because there are too many of them and singling out a
few is inherently unfair. I would also like to point out that we are
struggling to keep even the shops/amenities themselves updated.

Setting up an OpenBusinessDirectory or some other "link hub", with data
under a free license and a much simpler interface for adding and editing
entries than OSM has to offer (due to the specialized focus), would make
more sense than turning OSM into something that bears closer resemblance
to a web directory than a geographic database. That project could then
of course be connected with OSM.


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