[Tagging] Standard for external links to location based services

Alexander alex at fissl.com
Sat Oct 13 15:39:13 BST 2012

>> I think that contact info of an amenity (allow me to group shops,
>> restaurants, bars, and companies under that umbrella just for a 
>> minute)
>> should be considered all of equal importance.
> They are amenities that stay for long time like post offices. And
> amenities that are changing very fast like shops and restaurants. I
> think OSM should concentrate on the first. OSM is not a google-like
> bot scanning the web to build automatically a yellow-page db.
> Surveying things like commercial streets are inevitably outdated
> quickly. I would say that "amenities" that cannot be found in
> wikipedia should be considered as commercial advertising.

i just wanted to note that at least facebook and foursquare links 
wouldn't only apply to shops, restaurants and companies (stuff with a 
commercial value), but also sights and landmarks, cities, parks, 
playgrounds, train stations. everything that has a location

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