[Tagging] Emergency lane used by PSV at rush time

Eric SIBERT courrier at eric.sibert.fr
Sun Oct 14 12:04:22 GMT 2012


I'm translating the lanes=* wiki page into French. And some cases are 
coming into my mind :-p

On a motorway, the emergency lane can be used by psv (bus and taxi) when 
there is traffic jam on the usual lanes. There is no predefined hours. 
Just, when traffic jam is detected, light signal are switched to 
indicate it.

So, how would you tag this considering lanes=* definition and new 
"Conditional restrictions"?

Default is

but considering that lanes=* should include lanes that are available to 
traffic at certain restricted times, it should be lanes=3

lanes:psv:conditional= 1 @ rush_time

but this will suggest that all 3 lanes are available for all vehicles 
out of rush time.

Some other suggestions?


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