[Tagging] Turn Restrictions

James Mast rickmastfan67 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 14 15:04:47 BST 2012

Gauß has now also added a new section called "More turn restrictions" with a ton of new restrictions that none of the editors support.  Heck, I don't think any routers support them as well.  All these new turn restrictions deal with "half" turns..  Maybe Gauß needs a time out on editing that page, because it's now beyond confusing, especially for new mapers.  Plus, I don't recall any vote on these new turn restrictions types he added. Also take a look at 9 - 11 in the "Road Signs" sections.  Combining two "restriction=only_*" tags to do what one simple "restriction=no_*" tag could do for the one direction that the sign says you can't go. -James (Here's the link to the page again if you want quick access to it: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relation:restriction ) 		 	   		  
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