[Tagging] How to tag: Legally separated ways

Tobias Johansson tj at mensa.se
Mon Oct 15 11:49:53 GMT 2012

I use b. Because thats the only way I was/am aware of to tag whats on
the ground. A divider.

But yes I would like there to be an easy way to tag it in the same
way.. I even think there should be a possibility to tag a physical
divider in the same way, because some roads with physical dividers
really dont need to be drawn as two seperate ways.

Best regards Tobias J

2012/10/15 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>:
> 2012/10/15 Tobias Knerr <osm at tobias-knerr.de>:
>> I would choose (a) and reserve separate ways for _actual_ physical
>> separation.
>> One practical reason for doing so is that there would simply be no
>> possibility to distinguish legally separate ways from physically
>> separate ways if we used the same mapping (splitting the way) for both.
>> Splitting the way at that point could be considered "tagging for the
>> router", in my opinion, and ignores the needs of applications that do
>> use OSM for something else than navigation.
> +1 to all of this. If we want to be able to distinguish physical and
> legal separations we have to stick to our own rules. Anyway there will
> always remain a slightly unsatisfactory geometry situation on points
> like these, because you have to do the transition from 1 way (in the
> middle of 4 lanes) to 2 ways (each in the middle of 2 lanes). There is
> simply no really elegant way to do this.
> Additionally to the lanes=4 and oneway=yes you could put a divider-tag
> on the way http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Divider
> even if it doesn't explicitly tell you where the divider is placed you
> might be able to infer it from the following ways (at least in this
> case).
> cheers,
> Martin
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