[Tagging] What is and what isn't a valid type=multipolygon relation for osm ?

Gerhard Hermanns hermanns at ptt.uni-due.de
Thu Oct 18 12:25:46 GMT 2012

Am 13.10.2012 20:02, schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer:
> * "Exactly two unclosed ways belonging to a role, and no more should 
> share an endpoint (eg. the most extreme nodes of a way represented by 
> the black dot in the images). If an endpoint is shared by less than 
> two unclosed ways, the polygon can't be closed and is ill formed. 
> invalid example 1 If an endpoint is shared by more than two unclosed 
> ways, it's ill formed and a closed polygon can't be reconstructed 
> unambiguously. invalid example 2"

Since the "Valid Multipolygon conditions" section is at the top of the 
page, new mappers are reading this first. And if you don't give examples 
about what that means (or at least provide appropriate links), many will 
stop reading here, bercause they simply can't follow.

I'm in OSM for over a year now and I still shy away from anything 
containing multipolygons because I'm not sure I understand them 
correctly. So, in my opinion there can't be too many examples (both for 
correct and incorrect use of multipolygons).


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