[Tagging] Lane dividers

Alberto albertoferraris at fastwebnet.it
Thu Oct 18 19:56:17 GMT 2012

>Two issues I see here:
>* type:divider - this key doesn't seem very intuitive to me. No, I don't
have a better one right now but I'll start thinking ;-)
>* values: if we tag the way the divider looks, any application has to
understand all values in all countries. I'll ask again: do we really gain
important information to justify this? Of course I know the counter-argument
to my own argument: if we only tag the effect a renderer which really
renders lanes >has to know how to render each effect in each country. So no
matter how we solve this, one kind of application has a problem.

I think that tagging the effect is more important than the actual behavior
of the sign.
If you are in an unknown country, what would you like from your GPS, that it
gives you correct navigation instructions or correct rendering?
The rendering can be adjusted country by country, if needed.

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