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Fri Oct 19 08:17:09 BST 2012

Am 18.10.2012 17:18, schrieb Simone Saviolo:
> 2012/10/18 John F. Eldredge <john at jfeldredge.com 
> <mailto:john at jfeldredge.com>>
>     If you can generate a custom rendering of a particular
>     geographical area, opening (and closing) hours could be useful.
>      For example, if you are scheduling an all-day business meeting
>     that includes a lunch break, it would be useful to give attendees
>     a map that showed all restaurants that are within a certain radius
>     from the meeting, and would be open at lunchtime.
> Ideally yes - but keep in mind that not all amenities are mapped, and 
> not a lot (<-- euphemism) of them have the opening hours. Of course, 
> this shouldn't stop us from thinking about tagging that.
1) a restaurant owner that complains about being ignored here may add 
his own restaurant (and the opening hours himself)
2) arguing with incomplete data in osm is valid for practical reasons in 
the (data) users point of view, but IMHO not valid as an argument for 
tagging opening hours. Suggest a company maintaining e.g. business 
meetings regularly, this company could maintain the opening hours in osm 
to make that data useable.

Therefore: keep that in mind if you think about relying on osm opening 
hours data for an application like that, but don't omit opening hours in 
future because there won't be applications in that field due to 
incomplete data.

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