[Tagging] Enforcement of access rules

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 09:04:14 GMT 2012

2012/10/24 Simone Saviolo <simone.saviolo at gmail.com>:
> I wish to map the cameras that my municipality is installing these days to
> enforce the access restriction in the ZTL ( = limited traffic area). I think
> the most appropriate structure to do this would be the enforcement relation
> [1], but none of the listed types of enforcement is up to the task.
> I would therefore suggest adding a new type of enforcement:
> enforcement=access, possibly further detailed by an access=* tag (and all
> possible specifications, like foot=yes/no). The relation would have to
> include as members both the device node (more on this later), and the way it
> guards the access to (which may also mean that no explicit access details
> need to be included in the relation, because they should already be
> specified on the guarded way).
> About the device: I haven't found a suitable tag for such a camera. Should
> we think of a specific tag (like, highway=access_camera), or rather should
> we try to come up with a more generic way of indicating an electronic
> detector? Perhaps, something like enforcement_device=*, with possible values
> like speed_camera, access_camera...

I think it would be better to have just "camera" and get the what is
enforced from the "enforcement"-tag. A camera is a camera.


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