[Tagging] Exclusive access rights

Martin Vonwald imagic.osm at gmail.com
Mon Oct 29 10:35:43 GMT 2012


I'm looking for a possibility to tag "exclusive" access rights. What I
mean by this is a way to specify that one specific vehicle is allowed
and everything else is forbidden. If I specify e.g. hgv=yes it only
means (at least in my understanding) that hgv are allowed there. I'm
not sure about the meaning of access=hgv: is this a valid tag? What is
its meaning?

I am aware of the combination access=no and xxx=yes, but I'm looking
for a "nicer" solution. The background of my question is the following
demand: specify that the rightmost lane (of three lanes) can only be
accessed by psv and hgv.
Right now I only know this solution:

Three tags for such a simple thing. What I'm looking for is something like this:

If access=hgv means that only hgv are allowed, I could use that. But
as I wrote: I'm not sure if this tag is valid and if it is I am not
sure about its meaning.

Any hints/comments/recommendations?


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