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> Subject: Tagging Digest, Vol 36, Issue 12
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> Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2012 18:27:33 +0100 Hi, Im reading this as a cartonist. IMHO is additional info harmfull for a map and the vieuw of it. Always keep in mind that the added info has to be maintained. But why do we want to tag so much info at a relation scheme, whos using it ? Like Martin stated > the more dynamic the information is, the less we want it directly in OSM.The travel time of a large or long distance ferry depends fi on the fees in the harbours, theyre able to gain time by speeding up or loosing time by travelling at economical speed. Even when a ferry crossing, a river from A, B, C, D, is able to make a stopover on the trip D to A, when someone wants to go along from C to A, its a seasonal ferry but nevertheless, no reliable scheme ? Like Phil stated>With the advantige that the passenger gets more time to sleep or to spend more money on the vessel. So its not a reliable scheme. And how to tag two ferries meeting in between islands to allow passengers to dismount from one ship to another ?Greetz Hendrik
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