[Tagging] Fishing allowed?

Jason Cunningham jamicuosm at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 10 17:46:24 BST 2012

On 10 September 2012 14:05, Jonathan Bennett
<openstreetmap at jonno.cix.co.uk>wrote:

> On 10/09/2012 12:36, teuxe at free.fr wrote:
> > I would like to store information about the legality of fishing a lake,
> a river, etc.
> > Is there already any tag with such a meaning?
> fishing=yes/no ?
There is a tag leisure=fishing thats already being used

Bit surprised by the lack of info on the wiki page. I'd have though someone
would have drawn up proposals for a way to tag other info linked to fishing.
With regards to lawfulness of fishing I think it's a bit more complicated
than yes/no? as pointed out in other emails

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