[Tagging] animal shelter

Alberto albertoferraris at fastwebnet.it
Fri Sep 14 11:04:30 BST 2012

Phil wrote:

>An animal shelter is a place where lost, or abandoned animals are taken.
>Either to be cared for, or re-homed. UK examples are charities such as
>the RSPCA, Dogs Trust, Battersea Dogs Home and numerous other smaller

>Animal shelter appropriate in those cases, but not in the case of
>Boarding Kennels, or Boarding Catteries where you take your pet to be
>cared for whilst you go on holiday. For these I would propose
>amenity=boarding_kennel and amenity=boarding_cattery. 


This isn't true: in Italy there are animal shelters that take lost animals
but they have also some boxes to take pets from people who go on holiday.
If we are looking for a general tag, we have to find one that can fit in all
the world.
The distinction you say can be done with additional tags, like
boarding=yes/no, stray=yes/no.

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