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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
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The restriction applies to all nodes within the area, not just passing the sign. I do not think a node is appropriate in this case.
I suspect this should be a relation.


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2012/9/17 André Pirard <A_Pirard at hotmail.com>

But now what does that highway code tell us about C23 after all?
"accès interdit" = "forbidden access": to where?  To behind the sign, of course.
Unlike C43 speed limit below which is bound to say "up to the next crossing" to tell you where you can speed up again, there is no point in saying what happens behind C23 sign if the driver cannot go there, is there? 

But now how can we make a map of such a case if OSM instructions  make the weight limit a way attribute and JOSM scolds with : Wrong highway tag on a node.  Suspicious tag/value combinations?  Is that Esneux adm playing tricks on OSM? ;-)


C23. Accès interdit aux conducteurs de véhicules affectés au transport de choses.
Une inscription sur un panneau additionnel limite l'interdiction aux conducteurs de véhicules dont la masse en charge dépasse la masse indiquée.


 My two cents: we should allow such kind of restriction to be placed on a node, because that's the way they work. They are just some kind of "legal barrier" and barriers on a road we (usually) map as a node.


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