[Tagging] generator:output:electricity - for photovoltaic panels?

ael law_ence.dev at ntlworld.com
Mon Apr 8 12:25:24 UTC 2013

I wasn't quite sure whether to start a new thread for this given the
current discussions. But I think it is a distinct point.

I have recently mapped a solar farm (in Cornwall, UK).
I found the current tagging scheme didn't fit this case very well: I
just stumbled across this large photovoltaic solar farm while
surveying a footpath.

First, it would be ridiculous to micromap each panel. Apart from the
fact that the farm is too new to appear on Bing imagery, there is no
access to the farm: it is surrounded by a security fence. Apart from
that it woud be an enormous impractical task. I have just drawn it as
an area. That appears to be discouraged and mapnik certainly isn't
rendering it. I think that a relation is not appropriate here. 

I admit that when the small buildings housing the inverters become
available on images, then a relation including these buildings and
panel array areas would be the right solution.

I found the County Council Planning application and from that found that
some sort of (manufacturer designed) "maximum power rating" of 3MW.
But that the estimated average likely output was around 12% of that, so
around 360kW. So what value do I use for generator:output:electricity?
For conventional power stations, it is reasonable to use the maximum
rated, but this seems just silly for windpower or solar when the
"maximum" is extremely unlikely to be even remotely approached
for any significant time.

Has this been discussed before? It seems that we need a
generator:estimated_output:electricity or some such for wind and solar?


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