[Tagging] Life cycle group

Ole Nielsen on-osm at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 8 18:03:55 UTC 2013

> 2013/4/8 Ole Nielsen <on-osm at xs4all.nl <mailto:on-osm at xs4all.nl>>
> not so sure, that "historic" is the right term for stuff completely
> gone, currently the key "historic" is used mainly for stuff that was
> created a long time ago, but which hasn't necessarily vanished in the
> meantime (most of the stuff categorized under "historic" is actually
> still there, so there would be some risk of creating confusion using the
> same term for another concept). Besides this I agree that it is nice to
> tag these states in a uniform way, simply use another term for
> "historic", maybe "disappeared", "vanished", "demolished", or simply
> delete and formalize a changeset tag?

The exact term can be discussed, that's why we need a proposal. I think 
there are good reasons to keep track of demolished features. One is for 
recording the past (think a "openhistorymap.org"), another reason is to 
prevent accidential remapping of features that have recently been 
demolished but are still visible in aerial imagery. The undergrounding 
of power lines is a good example.


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