[Tagging] Mismatched Level of Detail in highways vs. other elements

Markus Lindholm markus.lindholm at gmail.com
Mon Apr 8 20:40:34 UTC 2013

On 8 April 2013 17:51, Dave Sutter <sutter at intransix.com> wrote:

> I like the idea of increasing the level of detail of the streets, and
> I agree that this would best be done by separating the routing network
> from the visual presentation. I think this can, however, be done in
> the existing data model, which is very flexible.
> Further, we wouldn't need to disrupt the existing data or the
> renderers since the existing data is the routing network. We would
> just be adding presentation data, which could be used or ignored.

I agree. There seems to be an inherit conflict between routing and
rendering because the same objects are used for both.

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