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Could there not be something else than a generator=* in a role of a


2013/4/9 Martin Vonwald <imagic.osm at gmail.com>

> Hi again :-)
> 2013/4/9 François Lacombe <francois.lacombe at telecom-bretagne.eu>
>> This is where I still don't understand you: why do I need to specify that
>>> a feature XXX has the role XXX? Why do I need to specify, that a generator
>>> is a generator? A substation a substation? A dam a dam? A valve a valve? A
>>> weir a weir? And so on.
>> This is just because a role must be specified.
> Why do I have to specify a role?
>> When all features must be member of power=plant relation (because of lack
>> of perimeter), what role can I associate to a generator except... generator?
> None at all. Because if a generator is a member of a plant, its role is
> generator. So no need to specify it. Even more: if you force roles to be
> specified, someone comes along and specifies a generator as dam. This is of
> course can be very easily and automatically detected as all generators must
> be generators. But wait! If it can be automatically detected, why should it
> be specified?
> Imagine a basket ("relation") full of fruits ("members"). Everyone knows
> the fruits and their names("tags"). Now someone puts notes ("roles") on the
> fruits. On all apples now is a note saying "apple", on all pears it says
> "pear", and so on. Would you think of those notes as helpful in any way?
> You are a professional fruit merchant ("mapper"). Now your government ("the
> one which writes the proposal" ;-) ) decides that in order to sell your
> fruits you have to put one of those notes on each of them. The neighbours
> boy comes along and switches all the notes. What do you think of the notes?
> Are they worth the effort or would you consider changing your job (to
> "google map maker")?
> (Obviously I like illustrative comparisons)
> Best regards!
> Martin
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