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2013/4/9 Martin Vonwald (imagic) <imagic.osm at gmail.com>

> A generator is different. It simply is a generator and its role within the
> plant is to be a generator. So there is no need to explicitly specify it.
> Furthermore think of the consumers. Example: the process one feature of
> the plant. If the plant is described by a relation the consumers have two
> sources about the type of that feature: the tags on the feature and the
> relation. As the relation is not always present they will trust the tags on
> the feature and ignore the role in the relation.

Ok. I agree & understand.

> Which association would they formalise? If a generator is part of a plant
> its function (aka role) is to work as generator. The association is created
> by adding the generator to the plant.

I've a relational approach more than a spatial one.
To me, associations must be formalized through hard structured description
in a DB.
I'll have to adapt myself to that kind of data processing.

> I'm just curious about the perimeter: what would we do if a plant has
> multiple perimeters? How would we map them?

That situation is under the dispersed power plant configuration.
A relation will gather all features, including fenced perimeterS.

I know you would recommend to only add multiple perimeters to the relation
and get features inside from closed areas but it would introduce one more
case and increase proposal complexity.

According to what is recommended to do for choosing the best power plant
perimeter, it's only when the same operator owns multiple and distinct
perimeters for the same power plant infrastructure.
Instead we would have many different enclosed power plants with different

I've mapped a French hydro pumped-storage power plant as an example of
dispersed power plants.
There are actually 2 power plants, have a look to relations inside that

> Does it matter? Besides some special roles defined by the proposal, what
> would a consumer do with an unknown role?

Absolutely nothing.

So we can drop all roles?


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