[Tagging] New childcare proposal (malenki)

malenki osm_ at malenki.ch
Thu Apr 18 22:29:12 UTC 2013

def onion wrote on Wed, 17 Apr 2013 21:12:48 +0200:

>Your right, orphanages are a kind of childcare facilities as well.
>From my point of view they are more of a long term service and i would
>put them to the social failities.
>But perhaps its a good idea to view the childcare tag under a broader
>perspective. What would be of interest beside orphanages?

I don't know much about these social facilities in my country let alone
others. I just know that the "real" orphanages where only orphans were
attended don't seem to exist.
Looking at WP for Germany, there are mentioned:
* assisted living
* group homes for youths
* mother-child-care
* secure accommodation
* short time accomodation
and combinations of them

As Brian points out maybe "my" part of this topic should be placed at
social facilities, but childcare should at least link to and/or mention

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