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All winter sport activities share the piste: prefix.
Ski=crosscountry is better tagged piste:type=nordic (>27000 km already mapped this way).
This allows other ski related information like piste:difficulty=..., piste:grooming= ....
See the pistemap and winter sport pages on the wiki.
If tagged piste:oneway=yes, the direction is the one of the way. =-1 then it's the opposite, only for skiers.
Also, you can have a look at route relations, including route=piste.

ski=... is more an access tag which would make sense if you need to forbid access to skiers.

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Objet : [Tagging] one way part of the year
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I do not understand the notation that has been used in these replies.  for example, piste:type=nordic contains three elements, and tags have only two elements: key and value.   I would appreciate some carification on this notation.
Also, to further clarify my question, I am tagging the park trails, all of which are multiple use, as follows (key, value):(highway, path)(horse, yes)(bicycle, no)(snowmobile, designated)(ski, crosscountry)(sac_scale, hiking)(surface, dirt)(trail_visibility, excellent)(width, 1.5)
This tagging scheme was developed from the responses I received from previous questions to this forum.  Now I need to factor one trail that is oneway only for cross country skiing.  I don't understand how the piste fits is.

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> Your question was about a way used for nordic skiing in winter and that
> while being used for skiing it was one way but for the rest of the year
> was both way. So I assume that you'll be tagging it with piste:type=nordic,
> piste:grooming=*, piste:difficulty=*, etc. Seemed natural to me that
> piste:oneway=yes might fit. :)
> -Tod
> On Jul 23, 2013, at 6:22 AM, fly wrote:
> > Am 23.07.2013 01:42, schrieb Tod Fitch:
> >> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ski#Other_Features gives a piste:one
> >> way tag which seems like it should fit the bill.
> > 
> > oneway:ski=yes/-1 would fit, too but you seem to talk about the piste
> > feature.
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> > fly
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