[Tagging] Hiking tracks as POIs in Brazil

Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 05:34:32 UTC 2013

What you are looking for is a tagging for "trailhead" I suppose.
Are these trails signed (trailblazed)?
I notice that the National Park OSM initiative does not propose an OSM tag
for their trailhead sign (see:
I personally would be in favour of creating a formal tag for trailheads (I
had pondered this in the past on occasion,but never taken action).

Volker (Italy)

On 9 August 2013 04:58, Fernando Trebien <fernando.trebien at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> OSM currently has no hiking tracks mapped in Brazil. We are now
> receiving (copyright-free) POIs of hiking tracks (representing where
> they start) from a local mapping community (which gathered this data
> for over a decade). Unfortunately, we do not have the details of the
> tracks yet, but I think the POIs could be contributed to OSM in a
> preliminary form as long as they include a "fixme" tag. This could be
> a great way to start mapping these tracks (essentially by calling for
> help where it's needed). Every POI would get these tags:
> - "tourism=attraction" (best approximation I could think of)
> - "name" in the format "Track: [original name]" (in Portuguese "Track"
> would be replaced by "Trilha")
> - "fixme=Please provide the detailed contour of the route." (in
> Portuguese it would be "fixme=Detalhar trilha de caminhada.")
> The prefix ensures that the tracks are easily told apart from other
> attractions and that bots can operate on the data if necessary.
> Our alternatives seem to be a proposing a new tagging scheme (not so
> useful for a temporary set of POIs) or not import anything at all
> (seems wasteful).
> What do you think?
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