[Tagging] Power poles & tower : power vs man_made

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 14 15:24:06 UTC 2013

Am 14.08.2013 11:58, schrieb François Lacombe:
> All we are discussing about here is hypothetical.
> I didn't update the power transmission proposal yet and I'm not sure
> I'll do.
> Let's say it's just a big wish.
> I think it's dangerous to let the well established stuff prevailing.
> We had this problem on power=line, now on power=pole/tower (not to
> mention other domain features). What's next gentlemen ?

I stopped tagging highway=living_street instead I use highway=* plus

> If a mistake (deliberately or just because the model isn't developped
> enough) is done, it seems nothing can correct it afterwards.
> Don't pretend selecting power=transformer" OR ("transformer=yes" AND
> "power=*") is more efficient (or even a good thing) than only selecting
> power=transformer .
> And it will be done just because things are deeply rooted in wiki and
> tag-info.
> That's just astounding.

We all talk about live-developing but this includes, from time to time,
decisions which where appropriate at that age but are not anymore.

In my opinion a pole is a pole is a pole and it is sometimes not that
easy to tell the differences between power and telephone, for example.
Also you will find poles which support different systems at once.

I can live with power_tower but you will find towers with different
systems, as well, and even transmitters and other stuff mounted.

Cheers fly

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