[Tagging] Comments of the Reuse proposal (was: Tradeoff)

Wuzzy wuzzy2 at mail.ru
Thu Aug 15 14:57:09 UTC 2013

As you may have noticed, there’s a proposal for giveboxes, public
bookshelfes etc on: <http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Reuse>. Just as
a reminder, here is the first e-mail of the thread:

Tobias <cra_klinrain at gmx.de> wrote:
> I wonder if there is already a tag to describe a place where you can
> put stuff to others to share. For example you have read a book and do
> not need it anymore, but do not want to throw it away. In a
> "Bücherregal"
> I guess it is translated a "tradeoff" - you can leave this book and
> everybody else who likes to become the new owner of the book can pick
> it from this place.

Tobias also made the Reuse proposal. Here are my
comments on the Reuse proposal:
- I am okay with the term “reuse”.
- I like it how this scheme can be a catch-all tagging scheme for
  giveboxes, public bookshelves and so on.
- “reuse=box”: Please define “box” further. One could interpret
  “box” just as a cardboard box. I hope this was not intended.
- “reuse”
- define “reuse:policy=swapping” 
- I don’t like that “reuse:cds” and “reuse:books” are directly the
  “reuse” namespace. I suggest to add a new “layer” of information,
  called “reuse:goods”. The scheme is “reuse:goods:<whatever>” where
  “<whatever>” is the sort of goods to be shared.
  “reuse:books” would become “reuse:goods:books” and “reuse:cds” would
  become “reuse:goods:cds”. Other kinds of goods can be added easily
  under this scheme without risking name collisions. 
- I guess “reuse:cds” (or “reuse:goods:cds”) stands for “CDs” (compact
  discs). I am not with this since there are also DVDs, Bluray discs
  etc. and just talking about CDs seems to be less useful to me. I
  also doubt that many {amenity=reuse}s really restict themselves just
  to CDs but do not allow DVDs or Bluray discs. I therefore suggest the
  more general term “reuse:optical_discs” (or
  “reuse:goods:optical_discs”) which stands for all kinds of optical
  discs like CDs, DVDs, bluray discs etc.
- “operator” is described with “company name”. This implies that an
  amenity=reuse must be operated by a company. This makes amenity=reuse
  not really useful and is far from reality, since many giveboxes and
  public bookshelves are not operated by a company. It also contradicts
  the description of “operator” in the wiki page. I suggest to don’t
  give a description of “operator” at all. Everything one needs to
  know about “operator” is already in it’s own wiki page, so
  reiterating that is just redundant.

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