[Tagging] Power poles & tower : power vs man_made

François Lacombe francois.lacombe at telecom-bretagne.eu
Fri Aug 16 12:39:39 UTC 2013

2013/8/16 Pieren <pieren3 at gmail.com>

> On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 12:14 PM, John Sturdy <jcg.sturdy at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > I'd prefer to indicate a transformer mounted on a pole with either:
> > power=transformer
> > layer=1
> :
> > with a preference for the former.
> You didn't catch that the node is primarily tagged with "power=pole"
> (or "tower"). Then you cannot add a 2nd "power" tag
> "power=transformer". Or you plan to add a 2nd node exactly on top of
> the power=pole node which is something I would not recommend.

+1 don't add a node on top of the pole.

Well, as I said on French list last night, adding extra situations with
different tags to map the same feature (a transformer) will be more complex
than having the same tag everywhere.
Because we'll have to update the wiki, explain it to anybody and finally
only a few mappers will use tags correctly. Thus it will be a mess to have
reliable data.

First of all, this increased complexity won't invite new users or mappers
who are not so involved in power mapping to use these tags.
It will let people giving up with "power networks are very difficult to
handle and I won't mess around with it" instead of "ok it seems simple even
if it's very technical and I'll just try while I'm mapping roads".
It's only about perception and goodwill on both size. Let's continue to
make things more complicated than necessary and mappers will completely
stop mapping.

When we use power=pole (or power=cable, it's the same kind of discussion),
there are two basic notions in it instead of only one.
We said "power pole" just because the pole is carrying power conductors
On the same pole, we can setup telecommunication antennas,
telecommunication cables and mush more. Do we have to use
telecommunication=pole or unknown=pole in that particular cases ? I don't
think so.

That's why man_made=pole node member of a power=line way match the
definition of a power pole as man_made=pole member of
telecommunication=cable match the definition of a telco pole. It can be the
same pole, why do we have to focus on power ?
Moreover, man_made=pole + power=transformer is much more versatile than
power=pole + transformer=yes because we bring two existing tags together
instead of introducing new.

We have to think about versatility, consistency and the most important :
wider than only power networks as for allowing many other people to use the
same tags as us (or to use the same tags as many other people).

Many thanks to consider this point of view prior to look at a number in


*François Lacombe*

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