[Tagging] Tagging of topographic areas with a name

Craig Wallace craigw84 at fastmail.fm
Sun Aug 18 15:29:40 UTC 2013

On 2013-08-17 16:47, Wolfgang Zenker wrote:
> Maybe we should try a completely different approach. We could draw
> a way along the approximate center line of the feature and tag it
> with name=*, topo_feature=mountain_range|ridge|valley|...
> A renderer that wants to display the name should draw it along that
> way with the length of the way giving a hint about the size of the
> feature.

This is already done for ridges, with natural=ridge. 
It is used a bit. Not sure if any renderers show it.

I think something similar could be used for valleys.

It won't really work for mountain ranges, as they are often not linear.


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