[Tagging] Micro mapping traffic signals

Vincent de Château-Thierry vdct at laposte.net
Tue Aug 27 21:22:58 UTC 2013


Le 27/08/2013 16:31, fly a écrit :
> Stop using forward/backward on nodes but use an relation similar to
> turn-restrictions for traffic_signals and enforcement.

I agree, turn-restriction scheme is quite similar and could be a good 
start at least for single traffic light mapping.
From, via and to roles are of interest to describe the part of a path to 
which the traffic light apply. But since 'from' role apply to a way we'd 
need another role to tag the traffic light node itself since it has to 
be a member of the relation : a role such as 'traffic_light' ? (We could 
extend the scheme to 'stop' and 'give_way' nodes using their own role 
and the same general relation scheme).

This only deals with single traffic light mapping and will not solve the 
low scale rendering issues (how to put a single icon for multiple 
traffic lights) and the routing through multiple synchronised traffic 


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