[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC 2 - Gambling

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Sun Dec 1 09:47:19 UTC 2013

2013/12/1 Matthijs Melissen <info at matthijsmelissen.nl>

> Based on your comments, I have created a new version of the proposal
> for gambling features. The proposal can be found here:
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Gambling

thanks for this effort, it now looks fine.

The only thing a little strange might be shop=lottery for shops whose "main
purpose" is selling lottery tickets. Maybe I simply have never lived in an
area where those exist, but really, I cannot recall of having ever seen a
shop like this. IMHO this would better be an attribute (for shops and
similar that sell, beside other stuff, also lottery tickets).

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