[Tagging] End voting bicycle=use_cycleway

Pee Wee piewie32 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 18:37:31 UTC 2013

Today the voting of the
 Voting results:

Yes:  10 (not counting the 2 that made the proposal)

No:  11

Abstain:  3

This is reason enough for us to work on a better proposal so we reject the
current one.

We want to thank all the contributors to this discussion.  We think  and
hope we have enough information to work on  new proposal.  It’s been an
interesting discussion  with various views that differ quite a lot.

Our conclusion is that most (but not all) think that  tagging bicycle
access on these roads is a good idea regardless of HOW. The access differs
from both  ordinary roads that allow cycling and roads with an explicit ban.
Currently there is no broad consensus on HOW  to tag these. Basically there
are 5 different ways that are suggested.

1.       “bicycle= use_cycleway “  (= proposal)

2.       “bicycle=restricted” (no additional  key/value)

3.       “bicycle=restricted” combined with a new key/value combination
(e.g. “bicycle:restriction=use_cycleway”)

4.       “bicycle:restriction=use_cycleway”  (regardless of a  bicycle= )

5.        “bicycle=no” combined with a new key/value (e.g.
“bicycle:use_cycleway=yes” or “bicycle:restriction=use_cycleway” )

The new proposal will  (most likely) focus on :

1 The need to tag bicycle access on these roads (Should we tag bicycle

2  What tags to use (How should we tag these?)

We will report back once we’ve come up with a version that is ready to be
discussed again. Thanks again.


PeeWee32 & MasiMaster
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