[Tagging] Resorts

Kytömaa Lauri lauri.kytomaa at aalto.fi
Sat Feb 2 22:23:50 GMT 2013

>buffers), I think a landuse= value is appropriate.  It isn't
>residential, industrial, or retail.   Probably the same landuse tag is
>appropriate for a big resort as for a regular hotel.

In the beginning it took a while to realize, that the osm tagging 
system as-it-was-at-the-start omits some tags when some 
other tag "logically normally" implies something not mentioned 
leisure=park could imply landuse=leisure
leisure=resort could imply landuse=leisure
leisure=pitch should (often) be inside an implied 
landuse=leisure and so on.

Why is it so, then, I hear you ask; the answer is that for 
"simple" mapmaking the depicted leisure element is more 
important/will be rendered instead of some generic 
landuse=leisure tag, which tells us very little about the
physical contents.

Likewise most don't tag the area with amenity=university 
with any landuse tag -  some do use landuse=civil.


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