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>Hi Martin, 

> null
> viaduct
> A ''long'' rail, road, or other bridge made up of many short spans.
> no
> 7?572 0.45%   hint for other mappers, no special treatmentI used that one, after reading the Wiki I abandoned it.+1

> null
> aqueduct
> 1?084 0.06%  prefer historic=aqueduct for historic aqueducts (also
> fragments) and would rather introduce a tag similar to "power" for
> water if I wanted to map modern aqueducts. Anyway an aqueduct has not
> much to do with bridges-1Both are IMHO originally latin, a viaduct is a crossing between 2 ways and a aquaduct a crossing between a way and a waterway. The last one has always a track or even 2 besides or above the waterway. Whats the difference between this 'bridge' and a the other ones ? Since I use them to cross a valley or a highway, since there less footbridges over that kind of obstacles.
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