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2013/2/3 yvecai <yvecai at gmail.com>

> So what about a relation

There is a rule in Openstreetmap called "relations are not categories". This
is an explanation.<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relations_are_not_categories>

I was thinking about this same problem (grouping ski resorts), and I wanted
to introduce a tag "ticket:admission=*". That way you can tag the ski lifts
with, for example, ticket:admission=L'Auberson, and if there is a ticket
with which you can ski on all three, you write that one down too, delimited
with ";" (for example ticket:admission=L'Auberson;Tre Valli)

First I thought about the tag operator=*, but who knows which operators do
maintenance on which ski lifts. They may not be consistent with ticket

Than we could use the tag ticket:retail=* to tag the place where you can
buy certain tickets (ticket:retail=L'Auberson;Tre Valli)

I think this tagging system could be very helpful in many different places
where tickets are needed to get to a certain place. A router should first
route you to a parking that is close to the ticket:retail=* place, and only
then route you to the place itself.

Maybe we could use this tag on public transport, like buses or trains (use
ticket:admission=* on relations with type=bus or type=train).

As for parking, you just tag it with fee=no, and maybe capacity=*, and that
should be enough for routers to find a parking nearby. No relations needed

Janko Mihelić
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