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Ronnie Soak chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 4 19:06:19 GMT 2013

2013/2/4 Janko Mihelić <janjko at gmail.com>

> 2013/2/4 Ronnie Soak <chaoschaos0909 at googlemail.com>
>> Works exactly as long as no piste belongs to more than one resort. If
>> anyone does, you still need to switch to relations.
>> I don't know about nordic pistes, but there are definitely lifts for
>> alpine pistes that are used by visitors of two ski resorts.
> There, I fixed it to work with semicolon delimited values:
> <http://overpass-turbo.eu/?q=PCEtLQpUaGlzIMSHIGFuIGV4YW1wbGUgT3ZlcnBhc8SIcXXEmXkuxIRyecSJdCBvdcSoYsSmcHJlxJ1pbmcgdGjElVJ1xI1ixKt0b8SNYWJvxJghClnEqiBjxIwgZsSzZCBtb8SwxI7EkMSSxJTEiHdpxLfEtsS4IExvYcWQxL9vbMSjCsWoxII-CjzEu2nFgMWrICA8xJ_EocS2eXBlPSJ3YXkixbHFssWzaMScLWt2IGvFu3DEh3RlOnTFuGUiIHbFu27Fk2RpYyIvxoHFsjzGhHPGhsaIxooixLBzxZN0xpTFkmTGliLGmMarIMSwZ8avTCdBdWLEmcapbsadxp_Gg8aFxofGicW7xqjGqsasb8auxpdvxrLGtMa2xLEgRsSqcmdzxr8KxoLHgcajx4PGpseGcsayxq3Gr8axxpTHjsW7TGEgU2VpZ27Gk8aex5jGgsahx4LGpceFxLHHh8WRx4nHoseMx6RlxrXFu0rEqsetx6_HgDxixYN4LcW1xKUge3vIh294fX3HsMagL8iLecaBPMSwY3Vyc8SVxpHFucW7xb15LcaYZMiExawvxa7FsMWoPMSvxLN0xp4&c=BMTwi4QbgO&R>

You may want to read this wiki page:

It gives you a lot of reasons not to use semicolon delimited values. But
admittedly it doesn't give relations as an alternative.

While I also see that skiing resorts are kind of geographically and
therefore could be expressed as an area instead of a relation, I'm having
trouble with how anyone would be able to determine where to put that border.
They are, for the part I know, mostly defined by the pistes/lifts/amenities
that belong to it instead of  a border on the map. And I'm somehow not
comfortable with an area which borders are defined by a mapper at his own
discretion instead of a survey-able feature on the ground.

My favorite therefore is still a relation, but I'm cutting out of this
argument now, as skiing definitely isn't my area of expertise.

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