[Tagging] Grades for obstacle=vegetation

Konfrare Albert lakonfrariadelavila at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 17:47:48 UTC 2013


Some people has suggested me to include a gradient for the key

One suggestion was something like
Another private proposal was:
obstacle=vegetation_grade1 (vegetation bother when walking)
obstacle=vegetation_grade2 (the vegetation must be moved with the hands to
continue on the path)
obstacle=vegetation_grade3 (vegetation requires me to move my body to get
obstacle=vegetation_grade4 (the vegetation must be cut by manual tools to
get through)
obstacle=vegetation_grade5 (the vegetation must be cut by mechanical tools
to get through)
Or to use obstacle=vegetation (for grades 1,2,3) and obstacle=fallen_tree
(for grades 4,5)
I think that in this case, could be better use the key

At first, I rejected the proposals because verifiability is not guaranteed, but
perhaps it is necessary to have a gradient for obstacle=vegetation like in
tracktype=* (where the verifiability isn't guarenteed).

I pose this question because I'd like to hear your opinions about it.
Thanks and regards!
La Konfraria de la Vila del Pingüí de La Palma
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