[Tagging] Using key:operator to contain building management organization

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Sun Feb 17 02:44:50 UTC 2013

On 2013-02-17 00:58, dies38061 at mypacks.net wrote :
> In particular for business properties, the property or building manager name and contact information is often available on a sign on the building's exterior.  In this case I've used the _operator_ key to contain this information.  Wondering what your opinion is on the suitability of this.  Thanks. --ceyockey
JOSM contact preset contains   website=*, email=*, phone=* and fax=*

In the same vein...
I have a tendency to mostly tag web sites alone to spare myourselves a 
monthly survey to check that a phone number tagged in OSM has not 
changed on the web site.

So, for hikes, I tagged:
website:    www.agency.site  where practical instructions can be found 
(as a usual contact)
operator:  www.administration.site  that organizes, "owns" and 
advertises the hikes

Unfortunately, the very nicest site showing my hikes does not make 
operator clickable.
To that request, the answer was ... there is website.

Shouldn't it be recommended to automatically detect a web address and 
make it clickable anywhere where it makes sense?



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