[Tagging] As the crow flies

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Sat Feb 23 19:15:40 UTC 2013

Am 23.02.2013 20:02, schrieb Jo:
> It seems that you would like a specific role, which you can add to 2 
> members of a route relation (I'd add it to the two ways around your 
> imaginary gap).
> If you do it that way, you don't need a non-existing member. And you 
> don't need to add nodes to a relation which consists of ways.
1) If you do it like that and any validation finds gaps on both ends of 
a member way with this role, it's impossible to say which one is 
intentional and which is not (or if both are intentional).
2) using the role for this creates conflicts if e.g. the way in fact has 
already a role like forward or backward for example.
> This doesn't just have implications for the validator, but it also 
> might involve changing the code which sorts the member ways.
right. but currently nodes aren't sorted anyway at least in JOSM, so 
that's a basic problem that should be solved, I think.


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