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I was curious us to hear what others have been using to tag music venues.
There's numerous places in my city that hold upwards of 1,000 people for
music concerts (also called 'shows'). In the US, they're indoors, serve
alcohol, and usually only open when there are shows. There's usually
admittance fees to enter. I'm thinking of places like House of Blues (yes,
there's restaurants adjacent to some of them, but the one i've been to is
separate from the concert venue), (Cleveland places like Beachland
Ballroom, the Grog Shop), and more famous places like Bowery Ballroom.

I looked on the wiki, didn't find anything besides a dead proposal -
That uses amenity=music_venue and has 56 uses according to taginfo.

There's amenity=nightclub
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dnightclub but I don't
think would be a great fit, there's not dancing at the concert venues
(unless count the occasional mosh pit) that I'm describing. Plus, maybe
it's just me, nightclub don't have live performers unless you count DJ's.

Here's a related question on it in help -
amenity=concert_hall has about 67 uses according to taginfo.

At first thought, I don't think there's an appropriate documented tag, so
I'm inclined to use amenity=concert_hall or amenity=music_venue

Your thoughts ?

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