[Tagging] GNC (General Nutrition Centers) - variety of shop tag values

dies38061 at mypacks.net dies38061 at mypacks.net
Sun Jan 6 18:51:58 GMT 2013

I wanted to tag a GNC franchise outlet in the United States and wasn't quite sure what value to use for the shop key.  I find that I'm not alone.  Using OpenLinkMap, I identified most of the current GNC outlets mapped in the US and recorded the key:shop values ... all of the variants appeared once; if more than once, the number is in parentheses:

shop=herbalist (3)
shop=yes (2)
(no shop tag) (2)

Depending how you look at it, this is either a healthy reflection of the ability to tag anything with anything, or an indicator of the current anarchic state of tagging :-) (the number found is also an indicator of the % coverage for chain shops in general ... there are >6000 GNC stores in the United States)

Be that as it may, and allowing for variation from store to store, I'm wondering if it might not be useful to identify a base tag value for shop chains, allowing for additional values to be added if a particular location varies from the chain template.  Looking at the wikipedia article, "GNC (store)", the informative categories used are "health food stores" and "nutrition".  Looking in TagInfo shows that the value "health_food" is available for key:shop at about rank 170 with 57 uses; "nutrition" shows up as three items in TagInfo, "nutrition" (20), "nutrition_supplements" (3) and "nutritional_supplements" (1).

If one were to make a suggestion for a "base tag" for the GNC franchise, one could, thus, go by the Wikipedia categorization and put it into both "health_food" and "nutrition" as {{tag|shop|health_food;nutrition}}.  This is what I'll do on the shop I'm putting in now, but I wanted to bring this out to stimulate conversation on whether or not a guideline of consistent baseline tagging for stores in a chain might be beneficial to the OSM dataset or not.  The Wiki could be used to store the outcomes of discussions here.


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