[Tagging] Source tag - deprecated for use on objects?

Deanna Earley dee at earlsoft.co.uk
Thu Jan 10 16:12:11 GMT 2013

On 07/01/2013 22:16, Pieren wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 7, 2013 at 9:57 PM, Eckhart Wörner <ewoerner at kde.org> wrote:
>> Except that source-tag-on-object does not work either for real-world mapping. Source tags are rarely updated when the source changes.
>> Eckhart
> I think this discussion and previous ones about this topic
> demonstrates one point : sourcing in OSM will never be perfect.
> Because we have elements with history from multiple contributors and
> with attributes from multiple sources. Because we cannot expecte
> people to always have a single source per changeset. Because we cannot
> expect people to always insert or update the tag source each time they
> modify something.

A changeset I uploaded the other day had some data realigned with Bing 
(from OS StreetView), local knowledge and GPS traces.

Doing this with source on changeset would require bits and pieces of 
work, many changesets (no doubt, I'd forget a bit) or a single "This 
data came from Bing, GPS, my knowledge, OS streetview, I'll let you 
guess what and where"

This is the reason there are tags like source:name, source:othertag, etc.

Regarding changing the source when it's realligned, sadly people don't 
do things properly, but that's why we have the history.

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